Thursday, July 16, 2009

Simple Summertime Smokey Eye

The beginning of my summer series-- Summer Color looks coming up next!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make Up Tutorial : Summer Foundation

Summer foundation & outfit of the day

Top Beauty Tips For Summer

Top beauty tips for summer:Treatments and looks for a glamorous season in the sun.
1.Estee Lauder bronze goddess after-sun :This product takes after-sun care to another level. Coconut oil and apricot extract are super softening, aloe butter soothes any sunburn and jasmine-flower waxrehydrates.
2.Liz Earle Flight Essentials Kit :The agonies of handing over your precious bottles of face lotions at airport security are over, with a new flush of under-100ml kits on the market. Liz Earle’s is one of the best. It contains her soothing balm, moisturiser, hand cream and floral facial spray.

3.Sea Buckthorn:News from America of sea buckthorn’s super-food credentials has put it firmly in the spotlight. And it’s especially useful during summer when, strange as it sounds, immunity can be compromised. 'The higher exposure to free-radical production due to photochemical reactions puts a burden on the skin and glands,’ says the pharmacist Shabir Daya.
4.Post-Wax Home Care Kit :A holiday must-have to stay groomed throughout your time away. Created by the London waxing salon Strip, the kit includes soothing post-wax oils by Lycon, a treatment for ingrown hairs.
5.Art of Hair treatment:A great way to prepare hair before a holiday. Designed to feed and nourish dry locks, the Shu Uemura treatment starts with a soothing essential-oil head massage. A deep-conditioning mask follows, which the therapist works into the hair strands with a brush for 15 minutes. Hair is then shampooed to clear the oil. The result is soft, smooth hair that glistens.

Makeup Tutorial : MAC Colour Craft Swatches

Make upr review MAC colour craft swatches

Makeup Tutorial : Deep Blue/Green

Deep Blue/Green Makeup Tutorial

Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Hairstyles For JULY 2009

Top Hairstyles For JULY 2009
Steven Carey styles
Hooker & Young styles
Royston Blythe styles
Medusa styles
Metropolis styles
Align CenterRacoon Intl styles

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Something"-Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate by Something

latest collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2009

Fashion designer Vikram Phadnis showcases his latest collections at the Indian Lakme Fashion Week 2009.

King of Pop Michael Jackson's Style

The King of Pop’s style still inspires the fashion set. For spring 2009, Balmain sent a Jackson-esque military jacket down the runway, and it was picked up by celebrities like BeyoncĂ© Knowles and Rihanna. Jackson hits like"Thriller" and "PYT" are soundtrack staples for runway shows even still.
Say what you will about Michael Jackson during the last few years of his life — and with the baby-dangling-out-the-window behavior, bad plastic surgery and child molestation allegations, a lot has been said — but it takes a certain kind of star to turn a single sequined glove into a cultural symbol.
he singer was also a shopper — a big one. During the Nineties, he reportedly spent an average of $35 million a year. While making the 2003 documentary “Living With Michael Jackson,” reporter Martin Bashir saw him shell out $6 million for marble chess sets, 10-foot urns and other expensive art objects. In 2005, he blew through $150,000 at Harrods in 30 minutes. And in 2006, he went on an impromptu midnight shopping spree at Topshop’s Oxford Street flagship in London. But by that time, Jackson was hundreds of millions of dollars in debt — and looking to sell Neverland Ranch.

In April, more than 1,000 lots of memorabilia from Neverland were planned for auction, but the sale was canceled after an agreement was reached between Jackson and Julien’s Auctions. Having recently turned 50 and about to embark on yet another tour, Jackson seemed intent on making yet another fashion statement. For his “This Is It” tour, set to start July 13, the pop icon had costumes created specially for him by Crystallized Swarovski Elements. Along with the sets, the ensembles would have featured more than 300,000 crystals in 43 sizes and 27 colors. As Nadja Swarovski, vice president of international communications for Swarovski, told WWD Wednesday: “As the King of Pop, it is only natural for him to be crowned in crystal.”

Friday, July 3, 2009

Make up tutorial- Beauty tips for eyes

Make up tutorial- Beauty tips for eyes

Simple Natural Beauty Tips for Women

Simple Natural Beauty Tips for Women in order to look beautiful and maintain a healthy body and glowing skin.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top Beauty Ingredients for 2009…

In 2009 the focus will no longer just being about who is green or
all natural, but about specific ingredients and their benefits. Pierce Mattie
is known for forecasting trends in the beauty industry, so without missing a
beat, the Beauty PR firm names the top 10 ingredients that consumers will hear
more about in 2009.
Argan Oil: incredible skin care miracle, known for being one of the richest natural
sources of Vitamin E with 80% essential fatty acids, has been a beauty secret
of Moroccan women for centuries.
Goji Berries: This nutrient-rich berry, well known as Wolfberries in the Himalayas, has often been called a “super food” due to its abilities to fight free radicals and boost the immune system.
Blueberry:Chock full of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, blueberries
are another super food that will be used to fight aging in beauty products.
Turmeric: A highly regarded ingredient in India, Turmeric is widely known for its medicinal
properties. Turmeric will be found in acne-related creams and lotions, as it is an antiseptic and can aid in preventing and removing blemishes.

Summer Makeup Tips For Face

Summer Makeup Tips For Face

In A Beauty Show-Jessica Simpson Returns To TV

The show will follow Jessica-I-used-to-be-a-popstar-Simpson as she travels the world to showcase alternate standards of beauty.

"I have always believed that beauty comes from within and confidence will always make a woman beautiful," says Jessica. "But I know how much pressure some women put on themselves to look perfect. I am really looking forward to discovering how beauty is perceived in different cultures and participating in some of the crazy things people do to feel beautiful."

While I agree with the heart of the show - exploring beauty in different cultures - Jess and co. make it all seem artificial. Or maybe it's just her extensions. I'll have to watch an episode before making my final judgement. Who knows? I could wind up being impressed by Jess' level of knowledge and expertise.

Makeup and Hair Show 2009

Makeup and Hair Show 2009

Hair Tutorial:Short Hair Chopsticks

Curly Waves for Short Hair style