Saturday, July 11, 2009

Top Beauty Tips For Summer

Top beauty tips for summer:Treatments and looks for a glamorous season in the sun.
1.Estee Lauder bronze goddess after-sun :This product takes after-sun care to another level. Coconut oil and apricot extract are super softening, aloe butter soothes any sunburn and jasmine-flower waxrehydrates.
2.Liz Earle Flight Essentials Kit :The agonies of handing over your precious bottles of face lotions at airport security are over, with a new flush of under-100ml kits on the market. Liz Earle’s is one of the best. It contains her soothing balm, moisturiser, hand cream and floral facial spray.

3.Sea Buckthorn:News from America of sea buckthorn’s super-food credentials has put it firmly in the spotlight. And it’s especially useful during summer when, strange as it sounds, immunity can be compromised. 'The higher exposure to free-radical production due to photochemical reactions puts a burden on the skin and glands,’ says the pharmacist Shabir Daya.
4.Post-Wax Home Care Kit :A holiday must-have to stay groomed throughout your time away. Created by the London waxing salon Strip, the kit includes soothing post-wax oils by Lycon, a treatment for ingrown hairs.
5.Art of Hair treatment:A great way to prepare hair before a holiday. Designed to feed and nourish dry locks, the Shu Uemura treatment starts with a soothing essential-oil head massage. A deep-conditioning mask follows, which the therapist works into the hair strands with a brush for 15 minutes. Hair is then shampooed to clear the oil. The result is soft, smooth hair that glistens.

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